We meet every woman where they are and take them where God created them to be.

Far too many times, women put their needs aside in order to cater to the needs of others. From an early age, we see the women in our lives; sisters, mothers, daughters, relations, friends, work colleagues learn to internalize their deepest needs and portray the role of ‘superwoman’: juggling their careers and families while having the time to take care of everybody else but themselves.
Our Mission
Helping women of all ages heal emotionally from past wounds while extending a hand of grace, friendship, and mentorship.
Core Values
  • Hope
  • Empowerment
  • Love
  • Purpose
Our Vision
Bringing all women to wholeness by releasing God’s healing.

We were created for a divine purpose.

Although broken and weak, we put on the armor of God and take up his faithfulness as our shield and we walk in the path illuminated by the light of God. No longer are we weak, no longer are we defenseless. With God on our side, we walk confidently and victoriously and press on towards our goal to accomplish our God given purpose and obtain our God given potential.

“I am a Total Woman complete in my mind, body, soul and spirit because I am complete in Christ. We are Total Woman complete in Christ.”