African Cook Book by Rachel Pambrun

African Cookbook is a compilation of over 80 recipes from the African Countries of Ethiopia, Nigeria and Kenya. A few Ethiopian recipes included are; injera, kita, berbere, niter kibbeh, gomen sega, solanum tubersum, sambusas, dabo kolo and several wats and alichas. A few Nigerian recipes included are; egusi, masa, fufu, suya, tsiren dakakken nama, alapa, maafe, gbegiri, shoko, agege and jollof rice. A few Kenyan recipes included are; ugali, irio, githeri, sukuma wiki, m’baazi, maharagwe, nyama choma, biriani, ingoho and kuku paka. This book also contains information on each Country, the incredibly unique local cuisine, how dinner is served in each Country and staple items of the cooking.

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