Home & Family

Solidarity, not solitary. TWM’s Home & Family resources have one goal, to help cultivate strong, united long-lasting godly families.

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Health & Beauty

Fully you, totally beautiful. TWM’s Health & Beauty resources desire to encourage women to embrace their God-given looks, character and talents and preserve them with health and beauty tips and tricks personalized for them.

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Spiritual Journey

Walk, Run…Read. TWM’s Spiritual resources are set up to be an integral tool in your daily walk with God. As we’re never to stop moving toward Christ, whether you’re crawling, walking, running and now reading from these resources, we’re happy to be a stepping stone in your spiritual journey.

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Every leader has had a leader themselves. TWM’s Leader resources aim is to instill an innate sense of integrity so they can be a leader worth following as well as one worth emulating, no matter their age.

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Personal Development

Investing in yourself. The TWM’s Personal Development resource platform is built to give you the necessary skills to successfully adapt to a constantly evolving culture. With tools to raise your confidence, comprehend your self-esteem and self-worth for the greater good, you will be able to create a godly personal vision.

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Overcoming Challenges

A place of inclusion. The TWM’s Overcoming Challenges resource section manages to offer women a place of inclusion in a world that otherwise has stripped many of their identity or judges them for their diversity and moral stands. This resource section offers solace for those who are seemingly walking alone in dark times of sickness, turmoil and conflict.

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Unity and charity. The TWM’s resource hub provides individuals, couples and families with the answers to further strengthen a Christ-centered relationship or rejuvenate struggling relationships through love as God intends.

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Bibliophiles Circle

Are you an avid reader? Join the Circle of people who love to connect and read together and discuss their conclusions. The Circle will feature a different book every eight weeks and meet once a month over coffee or appetizers. We hope you join to meet fellow book lovers and discover an eye-opening read!

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There are 365 days in a year, and a three-day conference is not enough time to connect with all the women or to address all your questions. That’s why Total Woman Movement designed TWM362. TWM362 are quarterly events focused on actionable and inspirational content, from leading women in Ministry and Marketing. These intentional group meetings take into consideration what is currently affecting women; therefore, we apply our circle of influence, an intimate gathering approach to further inspire the women and equip them with godly transformative moments.

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