Whether just married or married for decades, every couple faces their struggles both in public and in secret. Our TWM conferences are creatively structured for sensitivity and to maximize momentum. Surrounded by supportive women of God, you have a chance to face personal doubts head-on, to take the first step and fall in love with loving your spouse again.

Empowerment & Leadership

Your value isn’t dictated on rigid notions, your name, race, ethnicity or your gender. Your value is dictated by who you are and the exceptional skills you bring to the table. With practical, relevant tools, you can turn archaic practices into a level playing field.

As a leader of God, it’s time to lead your industry into equal pay and equal treatment.

Entrepreneurial & Business

It may be a woman-owned business or a woman-led company, Total Woman Movement is totally behind you. Our workshop is intended to equip you with tools that keep you focused on goals for your company and team while developing interpersonal skillsets for the modern-day market.


The TWM Professional workshop anticipates helping women connect their passions and their purpose, supporting them on their professional journey. If you’re feeling complacent in your company, struggle with your coworkers or are unsure of what you should be doing with your degree, our women of faith can help you discover your best professional self.

Work/Life Balance

Total Woman Movement recognizes that in this fast-paced generation it’s easy to be consumed by technology and the competitive edge of success. Our work/life balance workshop gives practical tools and biblical truths on the freedom of living a simpler, slower, less cumbersome lifestyle. Living one day at a time, instituting work boundaries and enjoying time off without worrying about notifications.


Motherhood is a calling. And with every calling there are challenges. The TWM Motherhood workshops characterize the modern-day, Christ-centered, child-focused mom, without losing her identity. Being a mom doesn’t mean she can’t be herself, a Total Woman.

Women’s Health & Beauty

We are fearfully and wonderfully made but so many of us are afraid to look in the mirror or work out because someone may notice our biggest flaw – the flaw only we can spot. TWM’s Health & Beauty workshops are designed to showcase that God created us in His perfect image and through transparency, we’ll find the troubles we see in the mirror are what many other women see in theirs too – and Total Woman Movement can help overcome that with God’s grace.